What does an Otrhodonist do?

The alignment of the teeth in the mouth of a person depends on a number of factors like lifestyle, habits, hereditary factors. While some individuals are lucky to have perfectly aligned teeth, others are misaligned or protruding teeth.

This can adversely affect the appearance of the individual and self-esteem. Additionally, it can become difficult to chew and eat food properly if the teeth are misaligned.

In the last century, there have been great advances in the field of orthodontics, making it possible to safely and painlessly align the teeth, to improve the smile, appearance and make it easier to eat.

Though it is possible to get orthodontic treatment at all ages, usually it better to get the misaligned teeth corrected at young age, usually between ten and fifteen.

This is because the child is growing and the time required to correct the misaligned teeth will be far less compared to the time taken for an adult. It is also easier to correct the bone and jaw structure.

Also, teenagers are far more conscious about their appearance, and having protruding teeth can adversely affect their self-esteem. So if the child or teenager undergoes orthodontic treatment to get a perfect smile, he or she will be more confident.

In the last few decades, the number of adults undergoing orthodontic treatment has increased significantly. The smile of a person affects the first impression which the person makes, so misaligned teeth can create a wrong impression.

Hence adults are opting to get their teeth aligned to improve their smile, social and professional life. It is easier to clean the straightened teeth by brushing and flossing them, leading to improved dental health since tooth decay and gum problems will be prevented. Perfectly aligned teeth will also improve the bite of the person and make it easier to eat food.

The first step in getting orthodontic treatment is making an appointment with the orthodontist at a convenient time. The orthodontist will first examine the teeth to check the alignment of the teeth and other dental problems.

Then he will ask the patient, what kind of treatment he is looking for. While most of the patients want to improve their smile, in some cases, the teeth may be misaligned or protruding and the patient wishes to get the teeth straightened.

Then the orthodontist will take a photo or x-ray of the teeth so that he can examine the teeth structure properly and decide the best treatment options available.

The orthodontist will usually offer multiple treatment options for a patient, depending on the type of misalignment of the teeth, how quickly the teeth have to be aligned and the convenience of the patient.

Though Invisalign is the most sophisticated treatment option for straightening the teeth, it is fairly expensive and everyone will not be able to afford it.

There are other more affordable treatment options also available. Patients who cannot afford to pay the entire amount for the treatment upfront can also opt to get financing for the treatment.

They have to specify the amount which they pay as a down payment and the time period for repayment of the orthodontist fees.